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iMedAlert App offers a variety of uses, including activating a distress alarm to get the attention of people who may be nearby; quickly send an emergency SMS to predefined contacts; send an emergency email to one or more predetermined contacts, which can include a person’s medical information; send location information to recipients using the smart phone’s GPS; and also can be used to call emergency services. All parameters are set up in advance using the app’s user preferences. In addition to alerting rescue personnel, iMedAlert App also provides important medical information about the user, including blood type, medical history, allergies, medication and more in case of an emergency. In case of emergency, recommends user always wear medical alert jewelry. In an emergency when the user is physically unable to unlock their smart phone or the phone can be out of power. Quality medical alert jewelry that is designed to provide critical information to emergency personnel in worst-case. “The iMedAlert App and medical alert jewelry now being offered on the marketplace complete each other”, and we’re happy to have achieved that,” noted Howard Lam, who co-designed and developed the iMedAlert app.. “We also are proud to provide a free software that could save a person’s life.


Divoti Inc. ( is premier manufacturer of fashionable, high-quality health jewelry. The Divoti line of products uses top-quality material including stainless steel, pure titanium, stainless samarium cobalt, and 99.99% pure copper and germanium as base materials. Divoti has an unparalleled commitment to your health, performance and enjoyment.

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